Industry-Compliant Resource Modeling and Reporting

Unparalleled expertise using the Leapfrog software suite and Vulcan mining software to provide all stages of model construction including data validation, geologic and geotechnical interpretation, multi-faceted data aggregation and model integration, and Certified Resource Modeling for technical reports.

Leapfrog Software - Modeling and Model Audits

Blue Goo Enterprises is proud to offer Leapfrog Software consulting services, whether modeling your project from start to finish or offering expert assistance and guidance to ongoing modeling efforts. We will also provide model audits and consultation, more details of which can be found here

VULCAN Software - Modeling

Blue Goo Enterprises can offer VULCAN expertise to solve your modeling needs, including Block Modeling, Geostatistical Analysis, Grade Estimation, Geotechnical Mapping and Analysis, and Stratified Resource and Mine Modeling.